Clouds: A Memory of Home

Working on a portfolio today led me to dig deep though the archives of thousands of images and memories long disregarded. Ex loves, old friends, mistakes, and memories alike were all held within these countless photographs. I suppose this is why we, as photographers, keep such records. Every image taken records a moment that will pass only once, and then disappear all together. In contrast, the memories associated with these images remains indefinitely. Some photographs made me smile, other made me laugh, while some made me long for things that once were. The images that I have chosen to include in this posting are ones that revolve around one of the few aspects of home that I always took solace in. Clouds.

Magnificent clouds were present throughout most of the year in the place I was raised. Sometimes weeks would pass without me photographing outside of work, but when large puffy clouds appeared in the sky I would always make an attempt at photography. The landscape itself was quite bare; open in all directions for miles. When clouds appeared in the sky however, there was a brief break in the monotony of this landscape, and a surge of new inspiration.

These are a few select images that I feel particularly attached to. They vary in quality, content, and technique but they remind me of one of the smalls joys in life. Take it for what it is. Reach for the skies.

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