1. 2016 Recap

    30 Dec 2016
         I know that it has been a long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog… but I’ve got a good excuse.  At the beginning of 2016 Jenny and I created a new business dedicated to Wedding, Portrait, and Family Photography, leading me to shift most of my creative efforts…

  2. Red Wine Cover Shot

    07 Aug 2015
    Recently, I was lucky enough to sell an image to The Beverage Media Group for the August edition of their magazine.  The image was simple enough to follow, having been provided with a pretty straightforward comp of what they were looking for.  Starting with the provided sketch, I compiled the…

  3. Real Estate Shooting

    06 Aug 2015
    I recently have started doing some work for local Construction and Contracting company out here.  It has been a quick reintroduction into the world of architectural and real estate shooting.  For this Blog post, I just thought that I would share a little bit about how a simple looking Twilight…

  4. Ivan and Alex Moraarmenta Wedding

    06 Aug 2015
    A small location, with a big level of enthusiasm and fun.  Ivan and I once shared the experience of being groomsmen for my brother, and now was his turn to take the next step.  Jenny and I were lucky enough to get to photograph these two great people on the…

  5. Michelle and Marcelles Murdock Wedding

    20 Jul 2015
    Yet another beautiful wedding, but with the added pleasure of being able to work with old and amazing friends.   These two finally made things official, and allowed Jenny and I to have the pleasure of photographing their big day.  Nice light, nice people, and more Brooks Alumni that an Alumni…

  6. World’s Largest Swimming Lesson at the Camarillo Y

    21 Jun 2015
    I recently was invited to head down the Camarillo, CA to take some images of an event they were holding.  On June 18th facilities all over the country were holding “The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson”.  The event helps to build awareness about the importance of teaching children about water safety…

  7. Senior Session with Zach

    20 Jun 2015
    Here a couple of shots from a brief senior portrait session I did with Zach.  I’ve been getting really lucky with some great overcast days and awesome outdoor lighting as of late.  Zach was a trooper, and I managed to get a couple of smiles out of him throughout the…

  8. Karen and Jamie Greenwald Wedding

    19 Jun 2015
    Let’s just take a moment to celebrate the beauty of a small and intimate wedding.  This may have been a small event, but it was overflowing with love, adoration, and beautiful light.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer couple to have he pleasure of photographing…

  9. In the Circus of You: The Poetry Circus

    11 Mar 2015
    The Poetry Circus is part of an ongoing project series by poet Nicelle Davis. The occasion acted a fanciful release party for her newest collection of poems “In the Circus of You”. We’ve been collaborating on projects around these poems for years, so it was only appropriate that I attend…

  10. Racial Protests in Santa Barbara

    26 Nov 2014
    Even in Santa Barbara, the unrest at the recent verdict in the shooting case of Michael Brown has had a visible effect on some citizens sense of justice. A sizable group of people took to the streets tonight to voice their dissatisfaction with the not guilty ruling of officer Darren…

  11. Rocco and Mallorie George Wedding

    20 Oct 2014
    The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. George was a mixture of Oklahoma Country and Motorcycle Outlaw. Needless to say, I felt right at home working with this amazing couple on their exciting day. Barbeque, bikes, and a rustic and handmade touch made this wedding a memorable one indeed. Unofficially sponsored…

  12. Institutionalized:  Snapping My Final Days around the Brooks Institute

    29 Jul 2014
    It’s been two years coming. At points I’ve found myself elated, eager to learn and hone my skills. At other times I’ve felt like a vampire, spending entire days from morning to night locked in the studio to complete assignments. To be fair, its been quite the experience. If it…

  13. Mustache Memorandum: Portraits of Matthew Barabasch

    14 Jul 2014
    What is it that defines a man? Some could argue it is brute strength. Morals. Leadership abilities…a strong propensity toward hard liquor and cigarettes For some, we define manliness though our facial hair. One such individual is Matthew Barabasch. When the man behind this amazing mustache told me that it…

  14. Clouds: A Memory of Home

    13 Jul 2014
    Working on a portfolio today led me to dig deep though the archives of thousands of images and memories long disregarded. Ex loves, old friends, mistakes, and memories alike were all held within these countless photographs. I suppose this is why we, as photographers, keep such records. Every image taken…

  15. Josh and Cassie Hughes Wedding

    16 Jun 2014
    This was the first wedding that I have been to in years in which my responsibility was not that of photographer. This was the long awaited marriage between my twin brother Josh and his fiance Cassie. To feel like a “photographer” however, I went ahead and brought a couple of…

  16. Camelopardalis Meteor Shower

    01 Jun 2014
    Last Friday night, a friend and I embarked into the hills to view what was expected to be an amazing new meteor shower. The earth was to move into the debris path of a comet that passed the earth roughly two hundred years prior. The event had never been seen…

  17. Lauren and Steve Turnball Wedding

    30 Apr 2014
    Some images from the wedding of Lauren Turnball (Allard) an Steve Turnball on April 5th, 2014. Various locations in Santa Barbara, California. A combination of Digital and Portra 400 film Congratulations you two.

  18. An Infrared Journey Across the American Southwest

    30 Apr 2014
    This December, my girlfriend and I set out on an adventure to see all the many places of the American Southwest. Having grown up in the desert of Southern California, the vast expanses of open desert and long drives were things I had become well accustomed to. We wanted to…

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