Institutionalized:  Snapping My Final Days around the Brooks Institute

It’s been two years coming. At points I’ve found myself elated, eager to learn and hone my skills. At other times I’ve felt like a vampire, spending entire days from morning to night locked in the studio to complete assignments. To be fair, its been quite the experience. If it hadn’t been for this place, I would not know half of the knowledge I find myself leaving with. For this I am grateful.
Recently, I’ve found it necessary to photograph things around me; those subjects that I’ve grown accustomed to and began to take for granted. The familiar is the mundane, and passing the same locations or individuals everyday becomes commonplace. Like everything else in life, you truly won’t miss it until it is gone.
I’m anxious to see what comes next, and this anxiety has translated into a strange mixture of emotions and clouded judgement.

These are just some of the images that I have taken recently, remembering what once was, what is now, and what will be after things are all said and done. For those of you that have been there I extend my hand in deepest gratitude. Here’s to tomorrow. Keep your heads up and Give em’ hell.

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