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  1. Ivan and Alex Moraarmenta Wedding

    06 Aug 2015

    A small location, with a big level of enthusiasm and fun.  Ivan and I once shared the experience of being groomsmen for my brother, and now was his turn to take the next step.  Jenny and I were lucky enough to get to photograph these two great people on the…

  2. Senior Session with Zach

    20 Jun 2015

    Here a couple of shots from a brief senior portrait session I did with Zach.  I’ve been getting really lucky with some great overcast days and awesome outdoor lighting as of late.  Zach was a trooper, and I managed to get a couple of smiles out of him throughout the…

  3. Institutionalized:  Snapping My Final Days around the Brooks Institute

    29 Jul 2014

    It’s been two years coming. At points I’ve found myself elated, eager to learn and hone my skills. At other times I’ve felt like a vampire, spending entire days from morning to night locked in the studio to complete assignments. To be fair, its been quite the experience. If it…

  4. Mustache Memorandum: Portraits of Matthew Barabasch

    14 Jul 2014

    What is it that defines a man? Some could argue it is brute strength. Morals. Leadership abilities…a strong propensity toward hard liquor and cigarettes For some, we define manliness though our facial hair. One such individual is Matthew Barabasch. When the man behind this amazing mustache told me that it…

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